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>> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> in the news this saturday morning, it's cleanup time in the mission district after vandals take to the streets of san francisco for a second straight night to protest a police shooting. and stranger danger. on the peninsula, not one but three warnings going out to parents. good morning, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. let's start off with a quick first look at the forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. just over two hours left of summer and then we usher in fall. plenty of clear skies as our northern gradient is keeping the fog at bay. it will start off sunny with temperatures dropping into the 40s in the north bay, 50s elsewhere, and by noontime we are about 60 coastside, mid-70s in the inland valleys.
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look how warm, to the upper 80s, near 90 around the tri-valley. some fog is going to come back along the shoreline for the later afternoon hours. in fact, the sea breeze is going to kick up after about 1:00 to 25 miles an hour and changes are in store for the first full day of fall tomorrow. we will talk about those coming up. terry. >> lisa, thanks very much. >> this morning several businesses are cleaning up after a second straight night of protests after a shooting that occurred thursday night. at least 40 demonstrators returned last night and threw things at police. one officer was injured. they damaged several mission district businesses, including a paintball attack that broke a restaurant windows. several windows were also smashed at a u.s. bank branch and wells fargo bank. police broke it up without making any arrests. it was a protest organized through social networking. here's a flyer that circulated
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on twitter under the hashtag protest. it ends with you can't shoot us all. san francisco police say they did shoot a 22-year-old man thursday night at 14th street. he was armed with a machine gun. he's been convicted of assault with a deadly weapon and robbery. he was released from prison just two weeks ago. san of san mateo police are warning parents of three kidnapping attempts. an attempt at park side elementary, a strainer on campus at horrall elementary and alcohol offered to students at bay side system. police swarmed the area of the
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elementary school but they were not able to locate the would-be kidnapper. parents were notified by telephone. at this time the san mateo police department is treating all of these investigations very seriously and is deploying resources around the clock. san mateo police department is saturating all playgrounds, parks and any other areas children gather to ensure the safety of the community. we are asking the community to maintain a high level of observation of playgrounds, parks, or anywhere children might congregate." >> the would-be kidnapper is described as a white man, 20s or 30s, about six feet tall with freckles and some facial hair. anyone with information is urged to call police. >>. a jail lock down at the san mateo correctional center has been lift the. it was prompt by two
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tuberculosis i willnesses. two were diagnosed with active cases of t. b. on tuesday. situation was made more threatening by overcrowded conditions. the women were isolated and taken to an outside medical facility for treatment. there's a sad end to go the search for a retired san francisco firefighter who disappeared during a train trip to canada. the body of charlie dowd was found yesterday by a railway worker in nebraska. the 69-year-old san mateo man was traveling to visit family when he disappeared on september 13ing. they believe dowd may have fallen from the train. the family members are devastated but they are grateful for the prayers and help they received during the search. a man died during a hiking accident. the man is a retired neurosurgeon. he died on tuesday, repelling down a canyon at i-i don't know national park. an avid climb.
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this is one climb he just felt he had to make. he ended up stuck upside-down next to a water fall stuck in his repel line 15 feet off the ground. he could not free himself. his wife tried to help him but she could not help. by the time park officials reached him, he was dead. a walnut creek golf course fire is under investigation. it broke out near the boundary oak golf course on valley vista road. crews were able to get it under control yesterday afternoon. it did not damage structures. this morning a man who jumped into the tiger exhibit at bronx zoo is in critical condition. yesterday the 25-year-old man got into then closer by jumping off a monorail train that goes around the zoo. he was small by a 400-pound tiger that's been at the zoo for three years. >> tigers are extremely capable
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predators, and what they typically do is grab a prey animal by the head or in the back of the neck and then it's over very quickly. this cat did not do this to the individual so i think it was just the tiger's response and the fact we got there so quickly and used the fire extinguisher to distract him. that saved his life. the zoo director said the tiger did nothing wrong and will not be euthanized. fall is just a couple hours away but west nile virus activity is showing no signs of slowing in the east bay. more infected mosquitoes, birds and chickens are showing up in central contra costa county. it comes on the heels of two reported human cases in the county this year. pesticide fogging will continue in order to kill off mosquitoes that carry the deadly virus. eventually colder weather will take care of the problem. >> health officials said they
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found a bird infected with the west nile virus during a college. it's the only time a bird than found anywhere in the city in five years. it workers are cleaning out storm drains and base since where mosquitoes can reproduce. residents are also asked to get rid of any standing water outside their homes. straight ahead, a historic time in the bay area. tomorrow a another vehicle on display in the area, a day after the space shuttle endeavour fly by. >> governor brown signed a bill into law that gives the
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4g lte has the fastest speeds. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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>> did you see it, the space shuttle endeavour, make it's final flight before settling down in los angeles. yesterday morning thousands gathered by the bridge. i was over there, it was fantastic. the crowd enjoyed two fly byes at the golden gate. the second one had the subtle going right between the bridge's towers. wow! >> honestly, i was a bit emotional. i was tiered up a little a litt. it surprised me.
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>> the flight of a little more than a thousand miles will be among endeavour's most memorable, which is saying a lot since the shuttle traveled 100 million miles through space. let's take a live look at the endeavour right now in los angeles. the los angeles international airport. it received a big welcome home yesterday and that's going to be the home, los angeles. the shuttle will be kept there for several weeks before it begins a twelve mile ground trek to the california space center. that's going to be interesting. and once it gets to the space center it will become a permanent museum exhibit. our viewers took some great pictures of the flyover. check this out. john griffin had this shot of the subtle passing over his neighborhood. it looks like it was ten feet over his roof. we love this one, too, hangar 1 at moffett 1 and flying before the sea. thank you for that. and an eighth grader named isiah e-mailed us this picture passing close to the middle school in
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san francisco's north beach. thanks for everyone who sent in pictures. we know a lot of people, thousands and thousands, took pictures and we would love to see your photos and your video, too. still accepting endeavour photos and video. e-mail them. and as all that was going on, governor brown was busy making space exploration a priority tore california. as the space shuttle flew over sacramento yesterday, the governor signed a bill that would make it easier for companies to fly you into space. we have the story from sacramento. >> i had goosebumps all over my body. it was so exciting. >> hitching a ride above a jumbo jet and criss-crossing over to honor all the space workers. crowds gathered everywhere to watch the historic moment. endeavour flew 25 missions, racking up 123 million miles
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since 1992. >> seeing it in the sky like that, it's something i always wanted to do. when are you going to get to do that again? >> after taking off, it made an appearance at a major california landmark. it flew by the state capital in sacramento and then over the iconic golden gate bridge, before heading to places like the santa monica pier. its last her raw made jose well up. he worked on six of the shuttle mission. >> it's a sense of accomplishment. it was emotional to see it. >> just before it flew by the state capitol, the governor signed a bill into law that gives a big boost to the stat's commercial space industry. >> it gave companies immunity from liability if spaceflight passengers are injured on board. it's a move n.a.s.a. applauds
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because that will enable them to concentrate on other exhibits like going to marchs or astroids. >> we expect they will be taking people, just like you and me into rides, maybe go to space hotels, do other kind of business. >> i would be on that thing in a heartbeat. just to see our world from up there, it can't get any better than that. >> until then fans can visit endeavour at the california science center near downtown l.a. in several weeks. in sacramento, nannette miranda, abc news. >> another piece of history coming to the bay area today. the original handwritten copy of abraham lincoln's emancipation proclamation. it will be issued today on the 125th anniversary of the proclamation to end slavery. this shows a printed copy of the document. the handwritten original is being shown by a couple as part of their collection entitled "where art and history meet."
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it's being shown starting at 3:00 this afternoon. the church actively participated in the national underground railroad during the 1850s. lisa argen is here now. we can share our shuttle stories later. how about a teats for the forecast? >> the first day of fall, feeling more like summer. >> it still feels like summer to me. >> you got that right. nice and clear out there. the northern gradient keeping the fog away and that will help in warming us up today. we are talking maybe some 90s inland but, of course, it's not going to last forever. we will talk about it next. >> and pablo sandoval getting hot at the right time as the giants' magic number shaw rinks some more.
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>> new this morning a large plastic storage bin is the first piece of tsunami debris from japan to arrive in hawaii. they spotted the bin floating in the ocean on tuesday. yesterday japanese officials confirmed it is from fukushima. it is the twelfth confirmed piece of the tsunami to arrive in canadian or u.s. waters. it had some barnacles to keep it upright to better catch the wind. the company went out of business after being hit by the tsunami but recently started back up.
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there were literally no friday night lights last night for the hayward high school football team. they had to play their game yesterday afternoon after someone stole the wiring for the football field lights, scoreboard, announcer booth and snack bar sometime between tuesday night and wednesday morning. school administrators say the lost revenue from the snack bar may mean the loss of a junior varsity team that year. that snack bar usually rakes in about $1,500.00 a game. hayward high is asking for donations to make up for the loss. that is below the belt, as they say. >> i agree. >> we've still got summer right now so i'm going to enjoy it until the last possible mommy. it's a beautiful summer. a cool summer morning. >> that's right, and clear, too. >> there you go. >> that's a definite key in the forecast. we will warm up quickly today and summer like readings for the afternoon. >> summer-like. >> summer-like, yeah. high definition emeryville. 6:58 is the official run rise. that gives us 12 hours and 7
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minutes of daylight. we don't change the clocks until early november. a lot of nice weather still out there. the live doppler hd, there are low clouds and fog but not within the bay. the coast looking pretty clear this morning. so it looks nice out there, but, boy, the numbers have dropped off 11 degrees cooler this morning in half moon bay at 41 degrees. so, yeah, definitely chilly out there. 50 in ran rafael. upper 50s out toward fairfield and antioch this morning. so livermore looking at 56. here's the forecast with high clouds and a little bit of patchy fog forming in the next couple of hours that. should do it. otherwise we are clear and we will look for fall officially to arrive 7:49 this morning and feeling much like summer today. a little bit of a cool down tomorrow. barely discernible. maybe two to four degrees. then the numbers will be going up and down right on through the next week. in fact, that should round out
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september. yesterday lots of high clouds, water vapor imagery shows we do have a trough to the north of us and high pressure to the east. so the flow around that breath up some of the high clouds, although they have pushed pretty far south of the bay. so we are still talking about mostly sunny skies today. and as this area of low pressure continues to move east from oregon, overnight tonight into tomorrow, really out of the picture for us. it will just bring a little bit more of a sea breeze and temperatures maybe two to four degrees cooler tomorrow. now as for much of the state, boy, it has been warm. yesterday set a record in reason reason -- reno. the old record was shattered. 91 there. it's been some hot summertime weather there. 88 today. a few degrees of cooling. look for 93 in sacramento. a warm day there with 87 in los angeles. so temperatures around the bay right where you should be today. low 80s for san jose. a warm afternoon from campbell
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to los gatos and mountain view a pancake breakfast this morning, 80 there. this morning, pretty warm, up he were 70s from redwood city. lots of sunshine, low to mid-60s half moon bay and pacifica. san francisco 68 degrees today. nice and mild. a beautiful afternoon. heading north look for numbers in the mid-60s at stinson to the low 90s to for our friends in cloverdale. 84 sonoma and near east bay looking at low to mid-60s today. numbers up a little bit. pretty warm as you head out toward castro valley. 80 in fremont as well as castro valley and out over the hills look at the low 90s with danville at 90 today. livermore 90s. down by the livermore bay we are talking 65 where they have the jazz festival. plenty of sunshine. forgot to mention the walnut festival, walnut creek. that would be fun. 75 years of that. we talked about the dip in the temperatures tomorrow. just a little bit. they go up just a little bit on
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monday and then notice coming down a little. so pretty steady pattern right throughout that first week of fall. >> let me down easy. lisa, thanks a lot. in sports tonight the giants might have a chance to clinch the n.l. west crown. if the dodgers lose this afternoon in cincinnati. last night the giants lowered their magic number to two, beating the padres at&t park. here's larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. i was at a luncheon questioned are giants president larry bear. he didn't want to talk about the playoffs or magic numbers or anything like that. didn't want to jinx a thing, but the playoffs will happen. the giants magic number now down to two. giants and padres. sparky's first giants game. you arrived at a good time, kid. first inning, chase headley. that wasn't a good time for ryan vogelsong. almost a splashdown. 19th of the year. 1-0, padres. giants tie it in the fourth. in the fifth, buster posey, mvp, mvp.
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2-1, giants. san diego trying to tie in the sixth. granderson down the line at left, headley is trying to score all the way from first. ambitious, but unwise. crawford throws him out easily. bottom 6 six. whatever pablo sandoval is eating right now, i want some! maybe a smaller portion. the panda homers for the third straight games, giants win, 5-1. dodgers also won but the magic number is reduced to two. giants can actually clinch tonight. melky cabrera has' voided some controversy. he will not accept the league batting title, even if he finishes with the best average in the n. l. hitting .346, tops in the national league but he's also serving the suspension for excessive testosterone. he is taking the high road, admitting the award would be tainted if he won it and also positioning himself with another team next season. and last night a's and
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yankees, this game decided in extra innings. let's start with weird. ichiro suzuki grounds back to parker. the ball ends up inside his jersey somehow. parker went 8 innings, and his family looking on, how did he do that? cc sabathia slumping lately but smoking in this game. 1-0, yanks in the ninth. and brandon moss says to. crushed to the second deck. 19th of the year. tied at 1. and in extra innings. the sean doolittle little fast night. good night. drive home safely. 2; the final. the orioles won as well, so the a's are now one game back for that top wildcard spot in the a.l. the nba is investigating the saint mary's basketball team for possible recruiting violations. this according to espn. it's not clear what specific violationings they may have committed. saint mary's officials would only say they are cooperating with the nba probe.
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they have emerged as one of the top programs on the west coast under randy bennett. all eyes on the tiger woods, rory mac i will roy show down. meanwhile, here's the man to catch. tiger was tied for the lead after round one but shot his worst round at east lake in 14 years. 3 over 73. he's at 1-under, six shots back. gym four rick,ling, looking for his first win of the year. he's at 7-under, leading by 1, heading to the final two rounds. do not forget college football an abc7. clemson versus florida state with the kick off, as i said, at five, followed by lexus off after the game at 8:30. have a great weekend. i'm larry beil. >> coming up next, why president obama is criticizing congress this morning. also republican presidential candidate mitt romney makes a brief bay area appearance at a peninsula fund raiser and while
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switzerland's national rail company is accusing apple of stealing its iconic look on
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>> mitt romney released his tax returns for last year. it shows they made 13.7 million
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and paid 1.9 million in taxes. that's 14.1%. yesterday he ride for an event hosted by former secretary of state george shultz and his wife, and meg whitman. supporters and protesters lined the roofs. >> we don't know what the romney plan is. i would love to hear it, but i don't think they are going to tell us. so if they are going to go back to the bush era, we are in for a very scary time. >> i hear barack obama, who doesn't know the difference between a general and an admiral when he made a mistake last week or called him a march corpsman, i get an idea he doesn't get it. >> tickets cost more than $100,000 a couple. a frightening moment for mitt romney's wife. the plane she was on had to make an emergency landing. the private campaign jet was at
5:31 am
40,000 feet when thick smoke filled the cabin. the pilot began a decent. no one was hurt and the plane landed safely and mrs. romney continued her flight to santa monica. and today president obama is going to be in milwaukee, wisconsin and another of those battleground states. he's schedule today stop in the bay area on october 8th. new this morning president obama is using his weekly address to blast members of congress for going home to campaign while leaving unfinished business in washington. he said some members of congress are more worried about their jobs and paychecks than they are about yours. >> if congress had listened to you, they would have given 98% of americans and 97% of small business owners a guarantee that your taxes won't go up next year by a single dime. this is something we all agree on. it should have gotten done a long time ago. but republicans in congress have refused to budge.
5:32 am
they are holding tax cuts for 98% of americans hostage until we pass tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of americans. >> one thing the house did accomplish before leaving was to pass a bill keeping the federal government running beyond september 30th. apple fans finally got their hands on the coveted i-phone5 yesterday. in san francisco, the first person in line for the new i-phone is someone who actually paid $1,500.00 to be there. he was waiting there for somebody else. started camping out on monday. for others it was a chance to complain. but it's a red hot seller. it's predicted that apple could sell as many as 10 million iphones by the end of this weekend. and just as cupertino based apple tries to collect a $1 billion copyright infringement against samsung tron eck, there are accusation that is apple did a little copying of their own.
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a swiz company said they hold the right for it. they said they are honored they use the classic mundane clock design shown here on youtube and would be happy to let apple continue using it for a licensing fee. no comment so far from apple but there's much more on "good morning america" "coming up at 7:00. and nurses at a hospital are going to take a vote weather to stage a three day walkout when their contract expires next month. they have warned hospital management that a strike could begin at 5:00 p.m. on october 2nd and end at 5:00 a.m. october 5th. 660 nurses represented by the union face possible pay and benefit cuts under the hospital's new contract proposal. a hospital smokes -- smokes man said the pay is not out of the realm of what other employers are doing. they seek 5% increase to stay
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pace with what other bay area hospitals pay nurses. coming up, the emmy awards just a day away. host jimmy kimble tells abc7 news what high jinx he has planned. and a new approach to reducing congestion. find out where you can get paid to avoid bay area commuter traffic. take a live look out from the roof cam at the studio near the embarcadero. you see the bay bridge. lisa is telling me it's clear out there, and we've still got a couple hours, a little over a couple hours of summer to go. we'll talk about summer's
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>> 5:37 saturday morning and there she is, the golden gate bridge. of course, yesterday many of us were fortunate enough to be able to see space shuttle endeavour fly over the golden gate bridge. the endeavour piggybacking on the 747. in a way it was piggybacking on the fame of the golden gate bridge because wherever the shuttle was in the u.s., the shot, the best shot, the most famous shot is the one as it flew between the towers of the golden gate bridge. great promotional effort on the part of those at n.a.s.a. as it goes down to the museum in los angeles where it will become part of a permanent display.
5:38 am
on the golden gate bridge yesterday, that was stunning. the federal department of transportation gave a stanford professor and his students a $3 million grant to see if they can change people's driving habits. the congestion management program is very different from what you have seen before. abc7 news transportation reporter heather ishimaru takes a look. >> this online shoots and ladder style game could be the solution to gridlock, or a big part of it anyway. it's being tested now by 2000 stanford faculty staff, including this lead. a little tag on her windshield is scanned by equipment mounted on these policy at university entrances and exits, if she changes her commute times to off peak, she earns points toward rewards, like money or a chance to play for more. >> i like when you actually reward people for good behavior. >> it's called capri for congestion and parking relief
5:39 am
incentive. electrical engineering and computer science professor had an epiphany when he realized some of the same principles dealing with congestion on computer networks could be applied to traffic. >> fortunately in the online world it's easy to run to capacity. you can throw a fiber in there and increase the capacity of the system. the real world it's not so easy. >> so instead he and his team of students set out to change behaviors to get people to commute off-peak and park where there's plenty of room. he said congestion goes away if only ten or fifteen percent cyst away from peak times. but rather than using the stick or higher follows during peak time, he offers the carat of rewards. >> she said she spends less time on the road, has reduced her stress and she's earned about $85 by shifting her day earlier
5:40 am
request without having to get out of bed any earlier. >> maybe i spend less time reading the newspaper in the morning. >> he and the team will be expanding to include bikers and walkers in the equation and put it all on a cell phone app. the test goes until april of next year, and then who knows, it could be coming to your town. abc7 news. >> you know, it almost feels like there's only two hours and nine minutes. summer left. >> really? >> it just feels that way. >> i know what you mean, yeah. [laughter] >> it's going out. >> it is going out. but not with a bang. fall coming in nice and subtly out there. it's nice and clear. here's high definition emeryville. numbers cool in the north bay but we don't have much fog to talk about. in fact, a warmer day today. and the next seven days, not really fall-like. i'll explain next. >> also ahead, clint eastwood doing what he does best, acting. maybe not speaking at a political convention.
5:41 am
anyway, he's starring in "trouble with the curve" and that review is next. and michael finney looks at the best option
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>> michael: 5:43 saturday morning. summer on the way out. looking out from sutro cam. what a beautiful picture. we live in such a gorgeous area.
5:44 am
you see the new span there sticking up. market street. gorgeous picture. a nice day on the way. we aren't going to have any stunning transition into autumn. lisa will be here to guide us into that area. the company that owns knocks barry farm is shutting down it's wind seeker rides at all six parks coast-to-coast while it investigates the malfunctions. the latest was wednesday when the one in ben no park trapped for 4 hours, trapping people in the air. it was the second malfunction in two weeks. riders were also stranded over the summer on wind seekers in other parks. no one has been injured. the rides are built in the netherlands. new in theaters this weekend, "trouble with the curve." it's clint eastwood as a baseball scout. news and arts and entertainment
5:45 am
reporter don sanchez has his review "on the isle." >> is there a style i'm not up on? >> don't you know anything? >> clint eastwood doesn't talk to a bear, but they want to replace him using computer technology against clint's instinct. >> he can't even turn on a typewriter, let alone a computer. >> you don't know anything about the game. >> an anti-money ball film and guess who wins. his daughter is gun to go become a partner in a law firm. >> i want this. >> then she meets up with dad. they have issues. >> you sent me away. >> i don't need your help. i don't know why you don't just go home. >> some deep-rooted issues. >> and justin timberlake as a younger version of clint who wants to do play-by-play for the red sox. >> what do you mean? >> a little forward?
5:46 am
>> yeah, but if you are asking me out, i accept. >> it's simplistic. almost like a made for tv movie with pg-13 language. nice to see clint eastwood back, even if he is a grumpy old man. i didn't believe the high-powered attorney for a minute but it's nice to see the father-daughter thing work out. and justin timberlake as a play-by-play announcer? i think his voice is too high. it is sweet and i think everyone will want to see it. i asked clint's chair how much popcorn to give it, and it says almost three quarters after buck. i'm don sanchez, abc7 news. we will see you on the isle. >> the emmy awards are tomorrow night right here an abc7. late night talk show host and comedian jimmy kimmel is hosting the event. christian z got a chance to talk to him about the show. >> yeah, i'm more than a little nervous. right now i'm a little nervous, by showtime i'll be very, very nervous and hopefully i won't be
5:47 am
an emotional wreck mid-show. but i'm dealing with nerves right now. >> what do you look forward to as far as the hosting is concerned? you have hosted a lot of different kind of award shows. what's different about the emmy's? >> i think it's different because it's television with television on television. it's like triple the television that you normally get. you have all the tv stars in one room together, which is, you know, kind of fun to see. and then they get awards. >> is there going to be a lot of making fun of your favorite friends? >> there will be some making fun, yeah. it won't be -- nothing too crazy, but there will be some good-natured ribbing, as we call it, going on. >> all right. our coverage starts tomorrow afternoon at two with an on-the-red-carpet emmy special. followed by the red carpet
5:48 am
arrivals live at four. jimmy kimmel hosts the emmy's at five, followed by an encore presentation at 8:00. lisa argen is here now talking about this transition into autumn from summer. it's going to be a nice, easy road. >> ah-ha, yeah, very easy. the equinox is 7:49 this morning. that gives us just about the same hours of date and darkness out there. as we head out right now it's clear. this is a view from vollmer peak in the east bay where the sun will be up right before 7:00. about 12 hours of date. it's setting at 7:06. so we are looking for a warmer day today for most bay area neighborhoods. and the fog is going to be just confined to the shoreline. high definition doppler right now this morning is looking at the low clouds, the fog and most of it has pushed to the south and east of us. so we could see a few patches along the coast. we will have that sea breeze in
5:49 am
the afternoon, but still it's going to be mostly sunny and temperatures are going to warm in some areas to above average readings. but, boy, this morning, as much as 11 and 12 degrees cooler along the coast. only 41 half moon bay, 44 santa rosa with upper 50s out towards the delta and antioch. it is partly cloudy down by the monterey bay. but inside the bay here we are talking about clear skies and the winds right now are pretty light. so definitely cooling off in some of our protected valleys with those longer nights. so we are looking at a few high clouds around, but overall mostly sunny with fall arriving 7:49 and mild to warm today and tomorrow. just a little bit more of a sea breeze tomorrow. we could cool back a few degrees and that's really going to be the trend for the first full week of fall as we come up a few degrees we go down a few degrees, but, boy, it is dry out there. it is almost record dry around much of california, so we certainly could use some recovery in terms of the
5:50 am
relative humidity. but the fog is going to be very limited. limited marinen version for the next several days. only a week left of september. so we around looking at anything significant in terms of changes. we have a couple things going on. we have high pressure to our east and the clockwise flow around that high. the low to the north of us that counter clockwise flow, allowing a little bit in the way of high cloudiness south of us. otherwise it will be mostly sunny and with this system had pushing to the east, northeast, overnight tonight we will see a few clouds around and temperatures anywhere from two to four degrees of cooling tomorrow. but once it gets behind us, monday we are looking at that light wind event and perhaps an offshore wind to warm us back up again on monday. so with temperatures in the mid-and upper 90s, certainly very, very dry here. mid-70s with partly cloudy skies in the sierra nevada. 89 yosemite. looking at mid-60s around
5:51 am
campbell today. numbers pretty warm, look for 75 san mateo. mountain view has the pancake system. and 84 novato. mid-80s calistoga. eat for real is going on in oakland with 74 degrees there, the walnut festival in walnut creek. and in an ramon it will be another festival of sorts. i can't remember what it is, but there's one there too. i think it's a veterans festival. a look ahead, a couple degrees of cooling. you notice still mid-and upper 80s through the early part of the week and dropping on wednesday. really pretty nice but pretty dry, too. it's kind of real quiet around here. >> i have to ask you one question. you saw the shuttle from here? >> yes, from here. >> at the station? >> it was crazy, amazing. >> do you feel like you could touch it, it was that close? >> yeah, it really was. >> did you wave to the pilot? >> i kind of got excited, yeah. [laughter] >> he'sa, thanks a lot. generators are an easy way to
5:52 am
keep the lights on during a blackout but there are several options to choose from. 7 on your side's michael finney takes a look at the choices and one you need to use with caution. >> more and more people like vincent are convinced it's worth buying a power generator. >> once you lose power the first time for any period of time, you don't need any reasons to get a generator. you are going to get one. >> but which one? consumer reports just tested 14 power generators ranging in price from around $700 to more than $3,000. some of portable, while others are stationary. consumer reports tests them by hooking them up to small appliances, a water pump and lights. testers found the run time depends on the type of fuel they use. >> we found most gasoline models were pretty much the same, lasting anywhere from 8 to 10 hours, depending on your power demands. however, when we looked at propane models, they went through a tank of propane in about four to six hours. >> whichever you use, be aware
5:53 am
you will need plenty of fuel on hand and you will need a transfer switch to safely hook up the generator. it can run up to $900. stationary generators are more convenient. they run on natural gas or a large tank of propane and start automatically in a power outage. >> if you want to power your whole house, a large stationary generator would be better because they power things like your stove, your drier, your essential ac systems and stuff like that. >> among stationary generators, consumer reports saying that the core power, 5837, a best buy. it cost $1,800, plus installation. for far less, consumer reports recommends a portable jarek model gp5500 that will keep your basic necessities going for $670. if you use a portable generator, consumer reports has this important caution. more than 100 people a year die from the carbon monoxide produced by portable generators and similar equipment.
5:54 am
to be safe never run a generator inside a garage or shed or even near them. always run it as far as possible from your house. ideally at least 10 to 15 feet and away from any windows or doors. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> coming up next, the new device that puts 3dismages in the palm of your hand. the display that physically moves with you.
5:55 am
4g lte has the fastest speeds. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow.
5:56 am
you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
5:57 am
here are the winning numbers from last night's $12 million mega-millions drawing. 3, 13, 14, 46, 55 and the meganumber 54. nobody picked all so tuesday night's jackpot estimated at $14 million. a new type of mobile gadget that puts images at your fingertips is being produced in san francisco. they are working on a screen that physically moves to show 3d images. if you are looking at a map it twists to show hills and buildings. it has the surface about half the size of a standard tablet. nine screens can move up or down. it's only a prototype right now but they say it can eventually consist of hundreds or thousands of screens used for maps or 3d game gaming. it's being introduced at the human-commuter enter, a conference in san francisco today. next at six, a day after the space shuttle endeavour wow's
5:58 am
everyone, another piece of bay bay -- history coming to the bay area today. and parents on alert after
5:59 am

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